Spa Facial & Foot soak package



Start with a 60min SPA FACIAL. Relax on a heated treatment table while you enjoy many steamed towels, the yummiest facial products; massage of the face, scalp, neck, decollate, shoulders, arms and hands; ASMR, reiki energy, and spa music.


Ultrasonic cleansing will remove impurities as it exfoliates, the jade roller massage will increase blood circulation and diminish the appearance of fine lines, and gua sha will relieve muscle tension and encourage lymphatic draining.


Luxurious cleansers will wash away dirt and grime. A gentle exfoliant will resurface your skin followed by toner to tighten and minimize pores. A clay mask to detoxify followed by a hydrating jelly mask with collagen and hyaluronic acid to smooth the skin. Reduce wrinkles and dark circles with an under eye treatment. Nourish and replenish with an antioxidant rich serum leaving you with a youthful, radiating glow.


Finish with a 30min FOOT SOAK. Lounge in a reclining chair, wrapped in a cozy blanket. Treat your feet to a warm, handcrafted soak in a unique cedar basin. Inhale the aromatic notes, sip on hot tea. Take in your surroundings; gaze at the grand fireplace that softly glows, admire the live plants throughout.


In Salon  2hr  $125

On-Site  2hr 30min  $200+

A treat for yourself, a girls night/weekend, a wedding or special event - I'll bring the spa to you!

Information available upon request Travel Fee is additional and will be estimated upon request





Men’s Cut  30min                                         $40 +

Shampoo and scalp massage with steamed towel and aromatherapy


Women’s Cut  1hr                                         $60 +

Shampoo and scalp massage with steamed towel and aromatherapy; blow dry included

Bang Trim  15min                                               $25

Freshen up your bangs or add a fringe


Hairline  15min                                                   $20

Freshen up your back hairline



Extended Scalp Massage  15min                    $25

De-stress, it’s just as relaxing as it sounds

Hot Ironing  15min                               $10 - $20

Add straightening, loose waves, or curls to your style

Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment 15min $20

Moisturizing treatment with a steamed towel 

Gray CamouflageHair Glaze 15min $20 - $50

Camouflage or enhance your natural hair color

Additional Time Product  15min+   $20 - $40

If you require additional time allotted to your appointment or require additional product due to thickness, length, etc.

Advanced Specialty Application 15min+ $30 +

A technique in which product is applied in an advanced manner (such as Balayage or Shadow Rooting)

Toner  15min                                          $20 - $50

Neutralize or enhance tones in your hair


Accent Highlight   15min                      $55 - $65


Placement of 6 - 8 foils or sections for subtle dimension 

Accent Lowlight   15min                       $30 - $40

Placement of 6 - 8 foils or sections for subtle dimension 

Eyebrow Tint  15min                            $20 - $40

Enhance your natural brows or camouflage grays


Consultation required for new clients or color changes

Shadow Rooting, Balayage, Multi-Dimensional and Trend Colors are additional │ Prices are starting rates

Add a Cut for $50


Shampoo and scalp massage, steamed towel, aromatherapy, and blow dry included


Root Retouch  1hr 45min+                                 $80 +

Touch up your root regrowth


All Over  2hr+                                                    $100 +

Single color application from roots to ends

Partial High or Low Light  1hr 45min+        $120 +

​Placement of 10 - 15 foils or sections for dimension


Highlight or Lowlight  2hr 15min+                   $145 +

Placement of 20-25 foils or sections for dimension

Trend Specialty Color  2hr 30min+              $205 +


Smoothing Treatment

Prices are starting at rates

Add a Cut for $50


What’s not to LOVE?! Reduces curl and frizz while repairing damage. Enjoy less style time with increased manageability. Experience softer, smoother, shinier hair!


Keratin Treatment

    * Depending on desired results the treatment can be customized to last anywhere from 6 weeks up to 6 months


                Short Hair  1hr 30min               $175 +

                Medium  1hr 45min                   $200 +

                Long Hair  2hr                           $225 +

Facial Waxing

Mini make-up touch up included


Chin  15min                                                 $20

Lip  15min                                                    $20

Cheek  15min                                             $25

Sideburn  15min                                         $25

Brow  15min                                    $25 - $30

Full Face  45min+                         $55 - $60


BODY Waxing


Under Arm  15min+                    $30 - $40


Armpit area

Shoulder  15min+                         $30 - $40

Shoulder area

Neck 15min+                                $35 - $45

Just below neck to hairline


Chest 45min+                              $60 - $70


Hip bones to collarbone


Back  30min+                              $50 - $60


Hip bones to just below neck

Hands & Feet



Steamed towel with nail shaping and cuticle care


Sport (no polish)  30min                         $35

Regular Polish  45min                             $40

Shellac/Gel Polish   45min                     $50


Warm soak with nail shaping, cuticle care, foot filing, massage and steamed towel


Sport (no polish)  45min                         $50

Regular Polish  1hr                                    $55

Shellac/Gel Polish   1hr                           $65

Deluxe Pedicure

Warm soak with nail shaping, cuticle care, foot filing, massage, masque, scrub and steamed towels


Sport (no polish)  1hr                               $60

Regular Polish  1hr 15min                         $65

Shellac/Gel Polish   1hr 15min                 $75

Foot Ritual 

Pamper and moisturize your tired/dry feet │ Warm soak, massage, masque, scrub and steamed towels

Foot Ritual  45min                                        $50


Shellac/Gel Polish Removal  15min                  $5 - $10