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Body Treatments

Energy Detox Ritual  1hr  $115

A mental & emotional ASMR reset - Start off with aromatherapy and guided breathwork as you relax on a heated treatment table. A sage smudge and crystals are used to promote calmness and healing. Drift away into a peaceful, meditative state with tension release therapy, hair brushing and combing, and ear reflexology. You'll enjoy a heavenly facial, neck, and scalp massage. Once you finish this journey you'll leave refreshed with a luminous mind and soul!

Foot Soak Ritual  45min  $75

Treat your feet to a warm, aromatic handcrafted soak! Your feet and calves will enjoy an exfoliating sugar scrub massage, a heavenly moisturizing massage, and several steamed towels.

Glow Facial  1hr  $175

Want a brighter, smoother, rejuvenated complexion?! This luxurious treatment is for you! Begin with a FACIAL which includes cleansing, relaxing massage, and skin prep. Then DERMAPLANING, a gentle exfoliating treatment that removes dead skin cells and peach fuzz. Next an ENZYME MASK (contains botanical fruit enzymes that naturally encourage cell renewal) OR a CHEMICAL PEEL (a light, 30% glycolic that encourages cell renewal, evens skin tone, and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles). Finish with a hydrating jelly mask, an undereye treatment, an antioxidant-rich serum, and spf to nourish, protect, and replenish your skin. You're sure to glow! 

Spa Facial  1hr  $125

Spa Facial & Foot Soak Package  1hr 30min  $140

Relax on a heated treatment table while you enjoy steamed towels and massage of the face, scalp, neck, decollete, shoulders, arms, and hands. Luxurious cleansers wash away dirt and grime, a gentle exfoliant resurfaces the skin, and toner minimizes pores. A jade roller is used to increase blood circulation and gua sha to relieve muscle tension. An antioxidant-rich serum is applied to nourish and replenish your skin, followed by a hydrating jelly mask, then a refreshing under-eye treatment. Treat your feet to a warm, aromatic handcrafted FOOT SOAK while you enjoy some quiet time to reawaken from your relaxing spa facial. 

​Dermaplaning  30min  $80  

A gentle exfoliating treatment for your face that removes dead skin and peach fuzz, creating a smooth canvas for makeup application and allows for better product penetration. We'll prep your face with a luxurious cleanser and finish with an ultra-hydrating serum massage and jade roller treatment to restore your newly glowing skin!

Eyebrow Tint  15min  $40 | $20 Add on

Enhance your natural brows or camouflage grays.

Extended Scalp Massage  15min  $40 | $25 Add on 

De-stress, unwind, and unplug. It’s just as relaxing as it sounds!


Consultation  15min  $20

Are you a new client? Maybe you're an existing client considering a new look? Have questions about a beauty or wellness service? Let's chat in person! This appointment gives us the opportunity to see what we're starting with and talk about what's needed to achieve your goals. We'll discuss time, in-salon and at-home maintenance, cost, etc. We'll create a customized game plan to ensure you're booked for the appropriate service(s) and amount of time. NOTE: You'll receive a pre-consultation form via email within 72hrs of booking this appointment, your response greatly improves the focus and content of your consultation.



Bang Trim | Neckline Clean Up  15min  $25+

Freshen up your bangs or neckline. This service is great for maintenance in between regular visits.

Men’s Cut  30-45min  $50-$55+

Shampoo, scalp massage, steamed towel, and aromatherapy; minimal beard, ear hair, and eyebrow grooming.

Women’s Cut  1hr-1hr 15min  $85-$90+

Shampoo, scalp massage, steamed towel, and aromatherapy; style included.

HAIR Color

A consultation is required for new clients or existing clients looking to make changes. Shampoo, scalp massage, steamed towel, aromatherapy, and style included. Prices are starting rates - long or thick hair requires additional time and/or product.

​Retouch  1hr 45min+  $90+

A maintenance visit to touch up your root regrowth. If you have 1" or more of root regrowth we'll require additional time and/or product to cover your regrowth.


All Over  2hr+  $110-$130+

Single color application from roots to ends. Going lighter than your current color will most likely require some type of Blonding service and may take more than one visit to reach your goal. 

Blonding | Dimensional | Trend Color  1hr-3hr+  Price upon Consultation    

Let's create a look with highlights, lowlights, foilayage, balayage, tip outs, shadow rooting, etc. A Consultation is required prior to booking this appointment.

Hair Extensions

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Facial Waxing


Chin  15min  $20

Hair is waxed and tweezed from the chin

Lip  15min  $20

Hair is waxed and tweezed from the upper and lower lip

Cheek  15min  $25 

Hair is waxed from the cheeks

Sideburn  15min  $25

Hair is waxed from the sideburns

Brow  15min  $30 | $25 Add On 

Shape, trim, wax, and tweezer grooming for your eyebrows

Full Face Wax  30min  $65+  

Your choice of any or all facial waxing services listed above          

HAir Add-Ons

Haircut  30min  $60+

NOTE: This is only available as an Add-On to a Color, Blonding | Dimensional | Trend Color, or Keratin service.

Deep Conditioning Treatment  15min  $15

Moisturize your mane. We'll work our favorite deep conditioning treatment into your dry, damaged hair and top that with a steamed towel.

Additional TimeProduct  15min+  $20-$40+

If you require additional time allotted to your appointment or require additional product.

CamouflageGlaze  | Toner  15min+  $20-$50+

Camouflage gray hair, enhance or neutralize your natural hair color.


Shampoo + Style  1hr  $55 - $75+ 

Enjoy a shampoo, scalp massage, steamed towel, and aromatherapy; blow dry/style included. 

Keratin Treatment

What’s not to LOVE?! Reduces curl and frizz while repairing damage. Enjoy less style time with increased manageability. Experience softer, smoother, shinier hair! Shampoo, scalp massage, steamed towel, and aromatherapy included. Prices are starting rates.

 * Depending on desired results the treatment can be customized to last anywhere from 6 weeks up to 6 months.


Short Hair  1hr 30min             $190+

Medium  1hr 45min                 $215+

Long Hair  2hr                         $245+

Hands & Feet



Steamed towel, nail shaping, and cuticle care.


Sport (no polish)  30min  $55

Regular or UV Polish  45min  $65


Warm soak with nail shaping, cuticle care, foot filing, massage, and steamed towel

Sport (no polish)  45min  $70 

 Regular or UV Polish  1hr  $80  

Deluxe Pedicure

Warm soak with nail shaping, cuticle care, foot filing, massage, scrub and steamed towels


 Sport (no polish)  45min           $80 

Regular or UV Polish  1hr         $90


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