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Hair Extensions

Beaded hair installation is a revolutionary method that doesn't require heat, glue, adhesive, or chemicals! Hair extensions are attached to small sections of your own hair with a bead or nano bead.


Wear your hair down, slicked back, or styled into an updo. Undetectable, comfortable to wear, easy to wash, blow dry and style. Perfectly suited for even the finest haired clients!

Want Thicker, Longer, More Dimensional Hair?

Use Megan's booking site to set up a consultation. We’ll note your hair density, length, and color; talk about how you wash, wear, and style your hair; discuss your desired outcome, budget, and maintenance; and review any questions or concerns you may have. We'll calculate how many packs of hair is needed, what color(s) to order, and which beads are best for your installation.

Extension Tips

For any extension install or maintenance appointment please arrive with freshly washed hair that is dry and straight. Prepping at home with a clarifying shampoo is best, and skipping conditioner and all styling products at your root area is strongly recommended.

- Beaded extensions must be moved up every 6-8 weeks

with an in-salon maintenance appointment

- Your extensions can be reused several times 

as long as you take good care of them

- Keep your extensions well moisturized (we recommended specific gloss sprays/drops)

- It may take up to a week for your scalp to adjust

after an install or move up appointment

-  Wash and style as you normally would

following the recommended aftercare information 

After Care

- Wash your hair up to 2-3 times per week

- Use a sulfate-free shampoo and moisturizing conditioner

- Apply a heat protectant as soon as you get out of the shower

- Use moisturizing haircare products

(gloss drops, styling cream, detangler)

- Use your extension brush to gently detangle your hair

- Use your extension friendly claw clip and hair ties

- Loosely braid or gather your hair into a pony at bedtime

- Avoid products that contain alcohol and/or coconut oil

(gel, mousse, hairspray)

- Avoid using hot tools on your extension bonds at your roots

- Avoid aggressive tugging, detangling, and towel drying

- Avoid washing your hair more than 2-3 times per week

(use a dry shampoo at your roots if needed)

- Maintenance is required every 6-8 weeks

(your hair grows, sheds, etc.; your extensions need to be moved up reguarly)

New Install Appointment

Hair and scalp must be freshly washed and clarified (conditioner may be used just on ends). Arrive with clean (product free), dry, straight hair.

1 Pack of Hair  1hr 15min        $175+

Each Additional Pack  30min   $50+

*A consultation and nonrefundable deposit is required to book


​- Installation 

- Extension Blending Haircut ($60 value)

- Loose Wave Style

- Extension Care Kit ($20 value)

w/ Special Detangling Brush, Claw Clip, and Hair Ties

Hair Extensions

Price varies based on type (I Tip, Nano Tip, and/or Nano Ring), color, length (14"-22'+), etc.


Per Pack      $75+

*Extension pricing is given after consultation

Add Thickness or Dimension 1 + packs

Add Length on Fine Hair 4-6 packs

Add Length on Medium Hair 6-8 packs

Add Length on Thick Hair 8-12 packs

Maintenance Appointment

Hair and scalp must be freshly washed and clarified (conditioner may be used just on ends). Arrive with clean (product free), dry, straight hair.

1 Pack of Hair  1hr                  $100+

Each Additional Pack  30min   $50+


- Removal

- Move Up Reinstallation

Extension Removal

Price Upon Request

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