Safety & Sanitation Procedures During COVID-19

Services cannot be offered to or given by anyone who is exhibiting signs of the COVID-19 virus, signs include:

A cough or sore throat

A fever or feeling feverish

Shortness of breath

Loss of taste or smell

Services cannot be offered to or given by anyone if the answer is yes to any of the below questions:

Have you been around anyone exhibiting the above signs within the past 14 days?

Are you living with anyone who is sick or quarantined?

Have you been out of state in the last 14 days?

If you are experiencing any signs of COVID-19 or answered yes DO NOT enter into HUSH

Stylists and Clients

 Leave your jacket and any other unnecessary items at the door.

Apply the provided sanitizer, which contains at least 60% alcohol, to your hands.

Put on the face mask you are provided with while in the salon, it must stay on until you exit the building.

As long as I have a supply of masks, outside masks will not be permitted. If I am unable to supply a mask due to availability you will be notified and required to wear in your own mask.

Disinfectant spray and hand sanitizer are located throughout the salon.


Clients are welcome by appointment only.

During the 1st reopening phase only hair services are allowed to be performed. I am only able to offer a modified service menu until further notice.

Manicure and Pedicure service are expected to be allowed in June while Waxing, Massage, and Skincare services will be allowed in July possibly even August.


A rough blow dry will be offered to cut and/or color clients during the reopening period. This includes minimal round brushing or styling and no flat ironing.

No more than 10 people inside at one time. Social distancing will be maintained except when stylists are servicing clients. Up-close face to face contact will be limited. To follow these guidelines guests, spouses, children, etc. are not allowed unless they also have a scheduled appointment.

The waiting room is temporarily unavailable to eliminate close contact with others and to minimize the amount of people inside at one time.

Clients must wait in their vehicles until their scheduled appointment time. This gives me time to finish up with my previous guest, disinfect everything and prepare for my next clients arrival.

Leave your purse or other unnecessary belongings in your vehicle. Tuck the form of payment you plan to use into your pocket. Checks are my preferred method of payment; credit/debit card, card on file, cash and gift cards are also accepted.

 Beverage service is temporarily unavailable.

Unnecessary items such as décor, furniture, and equipment have been removed.



Clean capes and towels are stored in a covered or closed cabinet or container. Each client will have a clean cape, a clean towel used on the neck rest of the shampoo bowl, and a clean towel for their hair.

Tools and implements including clippers, shears, combs, and brushes are disinfected after each appointment.

Surfaces and equipment including shampoo bowls, stylist and processing chairs are disinfected after each client.

 Dirty capes and towels are placed in a sealed dirty container until they are laundered in hot soapy water and dried at the warmest temperature possible.

High touch surfaces such as door knobs, hand rails, restroom sinks and toilet bowls are disinfected continually throughout the day.

Hampers and trash containers are cleaned and disinfected daily.

I am frequently washing and sanitizing my hands throughout the day and after each client.

General Information

A COVID-19 adjustment of $5 will be added to every appointment to cover the additional material costs associated with providing services at this time.

You may notice an additional time/product charge added to your appointment. This may be assessed at your first appointment back to the salon as by now your hair is probably going to need some extra TLC. This charge may also be assessed at future appointments due to the additional time and measures service providers must comply with in order to offer services during COVID-19


Any/all of this is subject to change at any time due to an updated State mandate, order, etc.